Sony Retires Production of PS3 In Japan

May 31, 2017, 7:02 am

   This comes via the official PlayStation Japan site that lists the PS3 500GB shipments as ended according to a translation from gaming blog Gematsu.
   It seems that the PS3 is finally on its way out.The 500GB PS3 - which was, until a couple of months ago, the only variant in production in Japan has ended its production run.
Sony Retires Production of PS3 In Japan
   Earlier in the year, Sony`s site stated that shipments are scheduled to end soon for the 500GB PS3, which was at the time the only remaining PS3 in production in Japan.
Alternate Title: Sony Ends PS3 Production in Japan

   As for India, several retailers speaking to Gadgets 360 have confirmed that the 500GB PS3 has been unavailable for the improved part of a year, while the 12GB variant has also been tough to get a hold of.
   We havent received any PS3 stock since Nov., and the demand hasnt been there either.Not for the console nor the games, says an independent game store owner based in Delhi.
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   Whats more is sources in the supply chain claim that Sony( Indias focus has been squarely on the PS4 with the goal to double its sales on that console.So much so that the PS3 has not shown up on order lists that the company sends to game stores on a monthly basis.
   And while
SonyTechnology company
India hasnt commented on this just yet, we wont be surprised if the axe has silently fallen on the PS3.Launched in Nov. 2006, it was a tough sell behind being announced with a $599 price point by Sonys Kaz Hirai.
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   Be that as it may, it managed to recover thanks to a host of solid exclusives and astute price cuts ending up selling close to 84 million units
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