Banzai Caribbean Poker

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Banzai Caribbean Poker

Banzai Caribbean Poker
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  License : Freeware  
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  Date : 01/20/2006  
  Size : 1.88 MB  
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banzai caribbean poker, freeware, caribbean poker, caribbean stud poker, caribbean stud poker for free, play caribbean stud poker, caribbean poker for free, play caribbean poker,
   There is a legend which says about remote times when people believe in fairy tales, magicians and spirits.They said, very long ago a horrible sea serpent broke out of deep waters and begun sinking ships. People thought it had selfish ends it wanted to enlarge his treasures, which were hided at the bottom of the sea. It had been plundered for many months and drove to despair many people who had lost their relatives. Nobody could find the sea serpent, so people declared war on it and equipped a crew to do away with it. A dozen brave men went on board and sailed to the open sea. It was a full moon, when the sea serpent appeared near the sailing vessel it gripped the ship and towed it nowhere. All members of the crew were amazed as the serpent didn't want to fight with them. After an hour of their journey they saw an island, it was large and green, and there was a town and people of different colors lived there as if they were unified into one nation. The reason was the serpent needed pairs to play cards, so it didn't let them stray one step from the island. The only way out was to win the sea serpent in cards. But nobody could do it whether its cards were magic or people were deadly unlucky.Now you are on this very island. An enigmatic and mysterious night is around you, the moon of huge size and the sea serpent itself gives the feeling of secrecy. You are a guest and a captive of the serpent, measure your strength with it playing Banzai Caribbean Poker. May be it release you from custody? Relax and listen to music, get pleasure from excellent graphics and the game!

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More tags: banzai caribbean poker, freeware, caribbean poker, caribbean stud poker, caribbean stud poker for free, play caribbean stud poker, caribbean poker for free, play caribbean poker,
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