20 Best Coffee Shop iOS Apps

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1) coffee maker - coffee shop

coffee maker - coffee shop coffee shop
Make your favourite Coffee in yourself & decorate it with variety of coffee cup.Best coffee maker game everEveryone loves coffee, right? Now you could make a personalized coffee by yourself.This is a fun game for kids. (Free)By sky hill via

2) Coffee Shop™

Coffee Shop™ coffee shop
If you want to make the best coffee for your customers, you can start by grinding some freshly roasted coffee first Then add it to your coffee maker and start brewing Don`t forget to heat the coffee cups before pouring the coffee That`s the key to the success in your Coffee Shop (Free)By Shengfang Qin via

3) Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop coffee shop
If you love coffee like me, you would also have hunted for cool coffee shops nearby at one time or another. It need not be an every day affair now.With the CoffeeShop application, you can find all the nearby Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Coffee Bean and It`s a Grind shops within a couple of minutes, all on your iPhone (using WiFi / GPRS) or iPod Touch (using WiFi).You can also look at all the shops on a map or look at the nearest shops first and then choose the one you like for getting more details like:-- working hours-- Products And ... ($0.99)By Impiger Technologies via

4) Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop coffee shop
Healthy Coffee Products that you personally can make your own income with. Or just enjoy the healthy benefits of your products.I am an online coffee products company. I am also interested in people who would like to make unlimited income for themselves. Our team is working hard toward being able to walk into our jobs and say "Boss I Quit" which is also our team name. We offer great Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Energy Drink, Oatmeal, Body Soap, and Toothpaste. All products are infused with the "King of Herbs" Ganoderma lucidum a red mushroom that has over 200 trace nutrients and ... (Free)By smartconnect via

5) Coffee Shop Locator

Coffee Shop Locator coffee shop
Jonesing for a cup of joe but dont know where to find one? Need a place to gather your thoughts, recharge your (and your laptops) batteries, or access the internet? Coffee Shop Locator has got you covered.Whether youre a caffeine junkie looking for a fix or a stressed out student in need of some peace, quiet, and free Wi-Fi, Coffee Shop Locator will show you the way to the nearest caf. For the price of a venti cappuccino youll get directions to over 30,000 different coffee shops across the country, including ones from your favorite chains like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, ... ($2.99)By MapMuse via

6) Coffee Shop Tycoon

Coffee Shop Tycoon coffee shop
FEATURES Who doesn`t love coffee? Why not start up your own store and then get coffee for free????This game allows you to manage your own shop, sell heaps of items and turn a tidy profit. This is an easy to play, hard to master game that will keep you entertained for agesBeautiful, engaging and uplifting story line. 5 scenes in total with wonderful hand drawn graphics20 levels in total and also an endless modeHuge amount of upgradesSocial media integrationEasy to follow tutorial so that you can hit the ground runningGame center integration with achievementsWatch out for characters stealing your ... (Free)By John Burcher via

7) Coffee Shop Maker

Coffee Shop Maker coffee shop
Its COFFEE SHOP MAKER - Open your very own Coffee ShopMake all your favorite coffee drinks like Coffee, Tea, Frozen and Blended DrinksBoil the water, grind the beans, brew, and choose from dozens of flavored syrups.Select from dozens off cool cups, stirs ands strawsMix up a batch of ultra delicious Hot Chocolate, add Marshmallows, Whip Cream, sprinkles, and enjoyCreate Smoothies from you favorite yogurt and fruit..blend, and decorate with labels for the cups or even crazy twisty straws.So realistic you can smell the coffee brewing now (Free)By Sunstorm Interactive via

8) Coffee Shop Cafe

Coffee Shop Cafe coffee shop
Looking for some Coffee to light up your day?Enjoy your choice of selected kinds of coffee: Expresso, Late, Cappuccino, Hot, Cold, you name it.Select if you wish milk, sugar or any toppings.Save and share your creations using email, Facebook, Twitter and saving it into the gallery.Designed especially for iPhone, iPhone 5, iPad and iPod Touch (including 5th generation).Download and enjoy today. ($0.99)By iTech Developers Inc. via

9) Coffee Shop Finder

Coffee Shop Finder coffee shop
Ever been out and said to yourself. I fancy a coffee, I wonder if there is a coffee shop around here?Powered by results from Foursquare, Coffee Shop Finder is the perfect app to help you find recommended coffee shops in your area. Simply ask for the best coffee houses/shops around or search for your favourite brand of coffee. With Coffee Shop Finder there is even a chance that you might find great coffee locations that you didn`t even know aboutAs well as coffee houses and shops, Coffee Shop Finder is powerful enough to allow you to search for other locations ... ($1.99)By Iconic Digital via

10) Sparks Coffee Shop

Sparks Coffee Shop coffee shop
This mobile app allows you to view our Menu, Call us directly with one touch, Get Special Offers, Freebies, VIP Perks, Push Notifications & More.If you don`t know where Sparks Coffee Shop is located, we have a direction option that leads you turn by turn to our restaurant.- View our delicious food menu on the go- Stay up to date with our restaurant at any time- Unlock coupon rewards for frequent visits- Receive exclusive mobile coupons- Email us photos to appear inside our restaurant (Free)By NYX Incorporated via

11) Best Coffee Shop

Best Coffee Shop coffee shop
Best Coffee'in sadece yelerine sunduu frsatlar bu uygulamada. Uygulamay indirin ve frsatlardan yararlann. Srpriz katlm dlleri sizi bekliyor Como Empowered (Free)By BONOBO TEKNOLOJI COZUMLERI VE TICARET ANONIM SIRKETI via

12) My Coffee Shop

My Coffee Shop coffee shop
My Coffee Shop is the app for your local coffee shop. You load their business code and the app becomes theirs. Now you can easily get notifications of specials, new drinks and menu items, and can share your favorite coffee shop with all your friends. (Free)By Alan Enloe via

13) Coffee Shop Near Me

Coffee Shop Near Me coffee shop
If you Love Coffee and want Coffee any time any place.. Then this app is for you.This app will find nearest Coffee Shop for you... Download this app and find Coffee Shop anywhere. This application gives you the perfect location of the nearest Coffee Shop. Call ,Map View,Get Direction and add to your favorite list in a simple few touches. Isn`t it amazingFeatures:--Search Coffee Shop world wide by enter the place name-Find the Coffee Shop on single touch-Display the distance from current location.-List of locations sorted by distance-Will show the nearest Coffee Shop address by text-You can also see the ... ($0.99)By Farzana Vohra via

14) Map Coffee - Coffee Shop Radar

Map Coffee - Coffee Shop Radar coffee shop
Map Coffee - Coffee Shop Radar+ Tap on the "ADVANCE" to view The Coffee shop finder by the "NEWEST", the "HOTEST" or the "NEAREST"+ Tap on the "ADD+" to add all of the nearby The Coffee in your area.+ Tap on the "SEARCH+" to view all of the nearby The Coffee in your area.+ Tap on the "SEARCH" to search all of the nearby The Coffee in your area.+ Tap on the "CENTER" to go your postion on the map.+ All The Coffees location submissions have the ability to be reviewed by our.+ Enable device location to get your position.+ ... (1.990)By PHAM LAP via

15) Just Coffee - Find Your New Favorite Coffee Shop

Just Coffee - Find Your New Favorite Coffee Shop coffee shop
Just Coffee finds nearby coffee shops and that`s it. You can get directions, save your favorites, make a note of what you liked best and invite a friend to join you via SMS or email.Just Coffee is designed exclusively for iOS7 and takes advantage of its slick new look and advanced behind-the-scenes features.Prefer walking directions? Switch from driving to walking in the Settings app. (Free)By Lapdog via

16) Coffee Cards

Coffee Cards coffee shop
Capp`e App provides you with mobile coffee cards from your favorite coffee shops. Instead of carrying around several loyalty cards, they`re all in your phone now. Enjoy cafe coupons and coffee loyalty cards for all your favorite java hangouts. You can also request a loyalty coffee card from your favorite shop, if your shop is not yet listed.Coffee Loyalty CardsCoffee Shop NotificationsCoffee CouponsCoffee Fun StuffCoffee Blog Features (Free)By Smackmobi, LLC via

17) Starbucks Locations

Starbucks Locations coffee shop
This app shows over 11,450 Starbucks coffee shop locations throughout the US and Canada.- Shows distance from your location (or a location you choose) to a coffee shop.- Shows coffee shop name, address, and phone number.- Includes multiple street views of each coffee shop`s location (when available).- Access to various Internet sites such as Yelp and weather for each coffee shop.- Can send your location to the map app for directions to the coffee shop of your choice.- Share the coffee shop with your friends.- Quickly go to any coffee shop on the map simply by typing the location and ... ($0.99)By William Modesitt via

18) Cafe-Navi

Cafe-Navi coffee shop
Coffee-navi is a application which provide coffee shop`s detail information of location. The easy to use interactive mapping system allows you to find coffee shop in any area throughout the United States, Canada. It`s need only one touch, then, beside the location which you are searching, all of the coffee shop will be marked.100% offline database of location of coffee shop with no need to have an online connection.Features:- Used to Stree view, allow you to quickly and easily view.- Select from over 15 brands of coffee shop.- Offline database of 40,000 coffee shop, no WiFi or Internet connection required.- ... ($0.99)By ibear via

19) Coffee Shop Finder - Live Status

Coffee Shop Finder - Live Status coffee shop
Search Coffee Shop or Coffee House at near by you ?Application is optimised for iPhone6Plus,iPhone6,iPhone5, iPad & iPod TouchCovers more than thousands Coffee Shop and CoffeeDays in worldwide.Find Coffee Shop and Coffee Day at various Distance.Are you looking to go for Vacation or you want to search a Coffee Shop and Coffee Day near by you?Search your Coffee Shop and Coffee Day by simply selecting a place in our friendly map world wide.GPS facility is enabled to show the directions and route map to Bar.Share Coffee Shop and Coffee Day place status by email, Facebook or Twitter. ($0.99)By VELUGU KASIRAO via

20) Caffeine+ Boost Your Productivity

Caffeine+ Boost Your Productivity coffee shop
Most people wouldn`t doubt that coffee shop is one of the best places to work, since it seems to have certain magic power to make people being highly productive.But, do we must go into the coffee shop in order to enjoy the cozy atmosphere? The answer now is "NO" The app called "Caffeine" could able to give you a portable coffee shop anytime and anywhere you like. You could have all of the coffee shop buzz you want without trying hard to fight for a seat in the real shop, or spend much money to buy latte one after another."Caffeine", ... (Free)By Alex Huang via




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