20 Best Comedy Films 1990s iOS Apps

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1) Mint 1990s

Mint 1990s comedy films 1990s
The Nineties were a character-altering decade for independent India, and yet the most unchronicled. Works of contemporary history are scarce in our country. So the 1990s remain largely unexamined.We decode the decade of Infosys, Mars bars, Pokhran, SRK and MTV. Was economic freedom a panacea for all ills? How does an open capitalist economy retain the principles of a welfare state? It has been 20 years since globalization opened our horizons. It was a time when we leapfrogged into an open economy and suddenly had a plethora of choices.In this special issue, we revisit this momentous decade to understand its ... (Free)By HT Media via

2) 1990s Movie Trivia

1990s Movie Trivia comedy films 1990s
This movie trivia quiz game will test your knowledge of popular movies, actors, directors, and awards from the 1990s. Questions are on: Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Bruce Willis, Winona Ryder, Julia Roberts, Madonna, Harrison Ford, Jim Carey, Mike Meyers, Nicholas Cage, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey, Jr., and Leonardo DiCaprio.Personal info optional, just save a Profile and play for Free (Free)By Muhammad Wahab via

3) 1990s Rapid Roll

1990s Rapid Roll comedy films 1990s
1990s Rapid Roll. Test your reflexes Touch left or the right side of the screen to move and jump down. (1.990)By Tran Thi Huong via

4) 1990s Music Trivia

1990s Music Trivia comedy films 1990s
This 1990s music trivia game will quiz your knowledge of everything that the 90s offered in music, and there was a lot It started with grunge, which was renamed alternative rock. Boy bands continued their popularity while hip hop got bigger. Euro dance music and even ska had waves of popularity. (Free)By Muhammad Wahab via

5) Who Sings It 1990s

Who Sings It 1990s comedy films 1990s
This music trivia quiz game will test you on the artists and groups who have had the biggest hits from 1990 to 1999. You will be presented with the song title and the year the song was a hit, and the challenge is to choose the artist or group who performed the song. How well do you know the hits of the 1990s? (Free)By Muhammad Wahab via

6) 1990s Trivia and Quiz

1990s Trivia and Quiz comedy films 1990s
What were the 1990s known for? A little bit of everything... The questions in the game consist of 40% music, 30% movies, 15% tv, 14% sports, and 1% other stuff including history, celebrity and pop culture of the 90s. (Free)By Muhammad Wahab via

7) Tank War (1990s)

Tank War (1990s) comedy films 1990s
Enjoy the classic battle city tank game.Its fun and totally free.Destroy enemy tanks, collect bonuses, rubis as a child Protect eagleFeatures:- Convenient operation- The world of tanks and the real battles- Original sound design- No built-in payments and purchasesPlay with pleasure (Free)By Thuan Nguyen via

8) 1950s-1990s China Propaganda Posters

1950s-1990s China Propaganda Posters comedy films 1990s
--The APP is for Red-China History LoversThis APP provides you over 400 chinese propaganda posters from 1950 to 1990s with English Translations. We used smooth slide interactive tech to provide you good experience in your iPhone/iPad.--The IntroThe most famous form of Chinese communist art are the various propaganda posters, created from the founding of the Peoples Republic of China in 1949 to nowadays.The 50`s and 60`s, and especially the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution were the most active periods in terms of quantity and inventiveness.The favourite topics were economic success, adoration of Chairman Mao and other communist stars, ... ($9.99)By Durian Pub via

9) 90s Puzzle - A 1990s Trivia Game

90s Puzzle - A 1990s Trivia Game comedy films 1990s
Its time for a trip down memory lane Do you think the 90s were the best decade? Back when music was interesting (Nirvana Garbage Ace of Base) and Windows 95 came with a video guide. Were you shocked when you found out that Friends celebrated its 20th anniversary this year? Yes, it has been that long and yes, it does feel like just yesterday.Get ready for lots of flashbacks as you play this nineties trivia game. Figure out the answers to puzzles that will have you feelings waves of nostalgia as you remember life circa-1990. With pop culture references ranging ... (Free)By Daniel Williams via

10) Movie Trivia and Quiz

Movie Trivia and Quiz comedy films 1990s
Movie Trivia covers all movies from the early black and white films to current films released this year. Questions cover all genres of movies: action, animated, drama, comedy, adventure, fantasy, and horror. (Free)By Muhammad Wahab via

11) 1990s Music Game Trivia Quiz - Musicians and Bands

1990s Music Game Trivia Quiz - Musicians and Bands comedy films 1990s
''1990s Music Quiz Learn About Your Favorite Musician.s'' is a trivia game that consists of tons of music trivia questions on the world's most popular music of the 1990s. This music trivia quiz will provide you with lots of interesting facts about the most important musicians, albums, lyrics, songs, bands from the world of music of the 1990s and give you an opportunity to have fun while learning about music in general. Available in 2 different game plays: Endless the player will answer questions until they give 3 wrong answers. If you're good enough, you can go on playing this ... (Free)By Lazar Vuksanovic via

12) 90s Throwback Trivia - Reminisce the 1990s Iconic Pop Culture

90s Throwback Trivia - Reminisce the 1990s Iconic Pop Culture comedy films 1990s
Remember the 90s? This awesome trivia app has all the best of the 90s packed in Join in the fun, and take a stroll down memory lane The trivia is spot-on All the bullet points that highlighted the final decade of the 20th century. Get this app, and see how many you can nameFeatures - - Awesome Photo Guess Trivia Format- Hints/Letter Reveals- Clean Intuitive Design- Easy Sit & Go Game Style- Stimulating Gameplay- Ask your friends via Facebook/Twitter/Instagram- Over 50 challenging levels (Free)By nick hale via

13) Comedy Dynamics

Comedy Dynamics comedy films 1990s
Comedy Dynamics has the largest independent comedy library in the world, and now it's right at your fingertips Watch some of the smartest and sharpest material written by the best comedic minds of our time Featuring clips, specials and feature films from Craig Ferguson, Tom Papa, Tom Segura, Bob Saget, D.L. Hughley, Tom Green, Louie Anderson, Whitney Cummings, Tim Allen, Kevin Nealon, Dave Foley, Brian Poshen, and moreFeatures: New content every week Stand-up specials, including classics that havent been seen in decades Feature Films ClipsFor help, contact customersupportnwe.com (Free)By JunctionTV Inc. via

14) Comedy 1031 – Denver’s Home for 24/7 Comedy

Comedy 1031 – Denver’s Home for 24/7 Comedy comedy films 1990s
Denvers home for 24/7 Comedy, Comedy 103.1 brings laugh out loud comedy to the Denver airwaves. From todays biggest names in Comedy to your favorite classic comedians, Comedy 103.1 features stand-up comedy on your radio that will keep you laughing 24/7From our APP you will be able to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and get all the latest on your favorite Comedians, Mile High City shows, and contests at Comedy 1031.com (Free)By Lincoln Financial Media Company via

15) Comedy Vibe - stand up, comedy shows, pranks, fails and cartoons

Comedy Vibe - stand up, comedy shows, pranks, fails and cartoons comedy films 1990s
Enjoy the world best comedy videos in such popular genres like stand up, pranks, cartoons, sketches and more.Includes over 40 channels:- BuzzFeedVideo- Break- Funny Or Die- College Humor- Simon`s Cat- The Daily Show with Jon Stewart- The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore- The Ellen Show- Team Coco- Jimmy Kimmel LiveAnd many more.Don`t forget - laughter is the best medicine :) (Free)By Digoart via

16) Comedy Trivia App - Super Fan Quiz for comedy movies - Collector's Edition

Comedy Trivia App - Super Fan Quiz for comedy movies - Collector's Edition comedy films 1990s
Trivia for Comedy Movies is a fun quiz made by ManOfWar for the Comedy Fans out there.Find out how much you know about Comedy in an addictive quiz game.Try to answer all the questions before the time runs out.+ Guess the answer for many questions in a Comedy addictive super quiz.+ Random difficulty questions.+ Track your scores in a fun, addictive and free quiz game+ Gamecenter leaderboards+ Test yourself to see how much you can remember from the television series with Trivia for the Comedy Movies super quizCan you remember all the things that happened in the all the movies? ... (Free)By Alin Stanescu via

17) 1990s Music Trivia - The Top 100 Greatest Musical Artists of the 90s

1990s Music Trivia - The Top 100 Greatest Musical Artists of the 90s comedy films 1990s
Ahhh yes... let's take it back to the 90's. Nostalgia with no apologies. Go back and enjoy all the fun memories that 90's music earmarked in your life. A time when so many memories were made, and iconic music artists cemented themselves into history...This 90's trivia is fun to play, and will put your 90's music knowledge to the test. Do you think you can name all the top 100 greatest artists of the 90's?The premise is simple... guess, or name the top 100 90's music artists based on the name of their biggest hit song of the era. Piece ... (Free)By nick hale via

18) Short Movies: Watch Anytime & Anywhere

Short Movies: Watch Anytime & Anywhere comedy films 1990s
Best short films application in the store Watch hundreds of short films on your iPhone/iPad.Best of all worldwide short films are on your device nowPick a category, view the details of hundreds of films and choose one to watch anytime, anywhereThere are 8 categories:- Action- Adventure- Comedy- Drama- Fantasy- Horror- Science Fiction- ThrillerAll films are 5-15 minutes of length. (Free)By Kerem Balcı via

19) FamilyFunFlix

FamilyFunFlix comedy films 1990s
FamilyFunFlix is GREAT FAMILY MOVIES FREE, the premium channel for watching FREE feature length family films on your Roku set-top box Use this FREE channel to watch hundreds of films instantly without any subscription or fees.These feature length films showcase some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, in full-length feature family moviesNo subscription or feesStream hundreds of films instantly.New films added dailyLots of genres, including: Adventures, Animated, Comedy, Fairy Tales, From Books, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Wild KingdomNo limit on how many films can be viewed.Get your POPCORN ready. Enjoy the FAMILYFUNFLIX (Free)By Screen Media Venture, LLC via

20) Nawlins` Comedy Gumbeaux

Nawlins` Comedy Gumbeaux comedy films 1990s
If your gumbo isn`t funny, it`s because it`s not Comedy Gumbeaux Love the APPThis Nawlin`s Comedy Gumbeaux App connects you to the world of comedy Always check it to see the latest comedy events, comedy videos, blogs, photos and comedian updates.This App is directly connected to the Comedy Gumbeaux website: www.comedygumbeaux.com. The Comedy Gumbeaux members are from all over the country and range from seasoned veterans to very new comics.While the title says "Nawlins` Comedy Gumbeaux," we`ve had entertainers and fans from all over the world.Please download and install this app, and please support live comedy. (Free)By Nawlins` Comedy Gumbeaux via




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