20 Best Discount iOS Apps

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1) Discount

Discount discount
Did you ever find yourself in a store wondering how much 25% of 30,50 is? `Discount` answers you these kind of questions.Fast and easy. Enter a price, set a percentage value, done.Do you also want to automatically add your local sales tax to the price? No problem. Simply activate it in the settings. ($0.99)By Daniel Diener via

2) D-Discount

D-Discount discount
The D-Discount.com app is an online shopping marketplace at your fingertips. Millions of people from around the world would have fun finding some of their favorite items through us. The d-discount.com app allows users to -create online stores, upload and sell products-to create events, sell event tickets and manage event bookings-create professional, personal or celebrity pages-create services listings and receive clients directly-create video channels and get paid for viewsThe D-Discount app makes it possible for Buyers and Sellers to meet in real time and close up their transactions. Buying directly from sellers all around the world, means that you can ... (Free)By Magdalene Martins do Nas via

3) Discount!

Discount! discount
Have you ever found yourself in, for example, a clothing store that has a sale but you cannot figure out or you are too tired to calculate in your head what the new discounted price for that awesome shirt is?Well With this easy-to-use app, all your shopping problems with discounts will be gone The user interface is simple and clean so you can use it in an instant. Just enter the initial price and select the amount of discount and it is done (Free)By Arsallan Shirvani via

4) Discount Me

Discount Me discount
Discount Me lets you know what will the discounted price be and how much you are saving on that item that is on sale.Also calculates discount without sale tax and vice versa.Clean layout.Saves you time while shopping. (Free)By Eduardo Vargas Vazquez via

5) Discount Now

Discount Now discount
Discount Now is the world's first "deal of the moment" platform. Find exactly what you are looking for using our search engine and after you have found whatever "it" is Get Dibs...It's that easy.Discover Showcases, EffortlesslyUpdated in real time browse the Showcase feed features all of our inventory. Filter and follow trending stores so you never miss a beat. Flip over to the map view to see how close these favs are to you.Find DibsNear YouOur mobile app uses the best geolocation technology to find Showcases near you. Hungry now? Dib some pork belly tacos. Walk down the block and ... (Free)By Discount Now Holdings, LLC via

6) After Discount

After Discount discount
Ever walked into a store and found a nice pair of denims for 40% off but couldn't work out the math?After Discount is here to do the job. An easy to use User Interface to perform quick calculations like discount subtraction and tax addition.With a single touch we can order food from home, book a cab, and do all sorts of other jazz Then why can't we just calculate tax and discounts from our phones while waiting in lines and sitting at the restaurants?Sit back and relax now because After Discount is here to solve your problem. You can put ... (0.990)By Ashutosh Billa via

7) Best Discount

Best Discount discount
, . , . . . (Free)By Zhanat Temerbayev via

8) Discount It!

Discount It! discount
Discount It Quick discount calculator at your fingertips You can even add in applicable tax to get a true at register value. (Free)By Kyle Stone via

9) Discount Spreadsheet

Discount Spreadsheet discount
Save yourself come cashDesigned from the ground up for optimal use of the touch interface, Discount spreadsheet has the number crunching power you need and doesn`t make you jump through hoops to use it.Our expanded keyboard keeps the operator and number keys available so you don`t have to switch back and forth to write an equation.Capabilities include formula dragging, limited graphing, and import/export of csv files over WiFi.Has built-in support for the following functions, with more to come in future updatesSIN, COS, TAN, ASIN, ACOS, ATAN, RADIANS, DEGREES, SUM, PROD, SUMIF, FACT, MEAN, MEDIAN, MODE, STDEV, SQRT, EXP, LN, LOG, ... ($1.99)By Adam Tenold via

10) What Discount?

What Discount? discount
Calculate the percentage discount, the amount saved and the sales tax.Features:Large easy to read numbers15 Items and prices can be enteredEnter the Original price or the Ticket priceSales Tax and Values are calculatedSales Tax Rates are includedSimple swipe to scroll navigationSupports Dollars, Euros, Pounds and Yen.AutosaveHelp. ($4.99)By mindwarrior via

11) After Discount

After Discount discount
After Discount is an application that simplify the calculation process when you are shopping.It is easy to use and we gave it free with no ads at all (Free)By Mohd Khairul Shukeri Bin Md Salleh via

12) After Discount !

After Discount ! discount
Out for Shopping ? Saw any good deals ? Want to know the amount before entering at the payment counter ? " After Discount " does that for you , Now, Easily calculate the price after the discount Simple and Neat UI .Easy to understand user interface.Extra Tax option to include/exclude .If you have any suggestions or feedback, Please feel free to get in touch with us at contactusaanshusolutions.com .Your ratings and reviews will encourage us to improve our apps and services constantly. Thanks for downloading (Free)By AAnshu IT Solutions Pvt Ltd via

13) Discount It Up

Discount It Up discount
Discount It Up provides a fast and convenient way to calculate savings and total cost after a discount rate. An intuitive slider allows you to quickly adjust the discount percentage while seeing the savings and total cost amounts update in real-time; or you can choose to use the custom buttons with discount amounts that are pre-set. With Discount It Up, calculating any discount is a touch away.Discount It Up works with all international currencies supported on iPhone/iPod touch and currently provides language support for English.Features:- Large, easy to read numbers and controls- Intuitive slider for adjusting discount percentage- Optional buttons ... ($0.99)By Spacelutions Professional Web Design via

14) Discount Helper

Discount Helper discount
Discount Helper is a simple and speedy discount calculator. Key in the current price of the item, scroll the % value on the wheel, you can instantly get the discount price and the new price ($0.99)By ieosoft.com via

15) Co-Pay Discount: Find Prescription CoPay Discount Coupons

Co-Pay Discount: Find Prescription CoPay Discount Coupons discount
Did you know pharmaceutical companies offer tens to hundreds of dollars worth of copay discounts and discounts of prescription medicine. Some of these savings can reduce or even eliminate your copay month after month. Copay Discount app brings this money saving information at the tip of your fingers. Doctors, Pharmacists and everyone else can now find out which prescription medicines have discount available and how to get it. (Free)By ACE Innovation Group, LLC via

16) Discount Calculator - Easy way to calculate discounted prices

Discount Calculator - Easy way to calculate discounted prices discount
Discount Calculator is a stylish and easy to use tool for discount calculations.- Choose discount calculation operation (calculate the discounted price / calculate the original price)- Six buttons where you can define your favorite discount percentages. ($0.99)By JH Digital Solutions via

17) Casino Discount - Voted Best Casino Discount Guide

Casino Discount - Voted Best Casino Discount Guide discount
Casino Discount is the biggest and most complete tool to use Online Casinos and find Casino Bonuses, Deposit Bonuses, No Deposit Bonuses, Bonus Codes and User FeedbacksThe Biggest Gambling App Now with the rating system Discover new and safe casinos rated by usersTens of Casino Reviews & Discounts for casino loversDiscover Best Casinos with our Casino Challenge System and Save it into your Bookmark Area.All the casinos inside are reviewed, ranked by users.Features:- Bookmark your favorite brand- Like Rating System- Read Casino Reviews- Find Slots Bonuses- Find LIVE Casinos- Slots and Casino Game Daily BonusesDesigned For Online Casino Lovers (Free)By Katherin Romero Pizarro via

18) Sales Percentage Off Calculator

Sales Percentage Off Calculator discount
With Sale Saver Calculator you will be able to calculate and share with your friends how much you are saving in a product depending in tax and discount. You can calculate the price after discount and before discount.Very useful for shopaholics (Free)By Juan Carlos Chomali via

19) Percent Calculator (discount)

Percent Calculator (discount) discount
When family restaurant,Hypermarkets, discount couponsWonder whether the fellas, how much discount?Home shopping, online shoppingWonder whether the fellas, how much discount?% Discount coupon, anniversaries amount of coupons is difficult to calculate.Moreover, VAT, service charge are added, the cafeteria, restaurant, it is difficult to calculate.More fun discount can be added to the calculation.Please use discount calculator. (Free)By Seong Eon Kim via

20) Calculate Discount

Calculate Discount discount
How many times have you entered in a shop wondering which is the price of the product in discount in front of us?Well, from today you won`t be this problem anymore.Thanks to CALCULATE DISCOUNT, to calculate the discount has never been so easy.Through a simple and intuitive interface Calculate Discount will quickly find the price of the product in discount.Calculate Discount will help you with all your purchases. ($0.99)By Swifty Srl via




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