20 Best Employee Time Card iOS Apps

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1) Employee Time

Employee Time employee time card
Employee Time is a tracking app which lets you SIMPLY keep track of your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly time on the job. Keep track of how long you spent at work each day. Make sure your paychecks are correct and that you know exactly what hours you have clocked. Easy to use and easy to read.Enter a name, a month and the hours you worked and you are done. This app will add everything together for you so you don`t have to. Then if you want to know exactly what you worked on which day you worked it.Easy to ... ($0.99)By Flick Entertainment via

2) Employee Time Manager

Employee Time Manager employee time card
Welcome Time Employee Manager , the app that makes your live easy.Has been designed to keep control on employee working hours.The main feature are:1. Employee illimitate records.2. Employee badge creator3. Working hour report by day, month, year4. Password generator5. Employee barcode generator6. Employee detailed record7. Effective working hours counter.8. Extra time message9.Employee Shift/Holidays ManagerWhit the shift/holidays calendar you can manage the employee shift working hours and can plan his vacation/holidaysAfter app settings , just let the program running in any pc as a standalone app and employee can checkin - checkout easy This app works for any activity & much ... (9.990)By domenico castellana via

3) Employee Time Tracker

Employee Time Tracker employee time card
This app is useful for companies tracking their employee's time and plant & machinery on the field on real time basis.Manager can assign job to employee on real time basis from web portal from the office or employee can start their own job on field.Use of multiple cost code, work type/activities and use of plant is available with hours. Also, ability to capture and attach onsite photos, Can be used as site diaryNotification on Job Creation, 15 min before and after jobstart time. Site Supervisor signature can be made mandatory.Increases productivity, real time labour hour reporting and resource planning in ... (Free)By Paul Convey via

4) Employee Time sheet App

Employee Time sheet App employee time card
Employee Time sheet a more convenient way to send in your time sheets (Free)By ibuildapp ibuildapp via

5) Paycor Time on Demand:Employee

Paycor Time on Demand:Employee employee time card
Paycor TODEmployee is a smart, adaptive app that, when used with your employers Paycor Time On Demand, provides you with flexible time tracking options on the go. Paycor TODEmployee is only for employees of companies who use Paycors Time on Demand solution. Access to this app is by invitation only from your HR administrator.Key Features: Punch In / Out View Time Off Balance Request Time Off View Work Schedule Request to Swap Shifts Receive notifications when your time card needs action, such as adding a missing punch Exchange messages with your supervisorPlease Note:- In order to use this application, an ... (Free)By Paycor, Inc via

6) Employee Status Utility

Employee Status Utility employee time card
DescriptionFor employers, using the SwipeClock online time and attendance system.Track employees` attendance on-the-go with the Employee Status Utility. Youll quickly see if employees are clocked IN, OUT, called in sick, on vacation or otherwise. View employees` complete time card and schedule for the pay period. Tracking your employees` attendance behavior has never been more convenient.The Employee Status Utility offers a variety of user-friendly features to help employers manage employees, including:- Color coded employee list to indicate IN, OUT, or other pay category status- Quick access to employees` time card and schedule- Filter by IN, OUT, Department, Location, Supervisor- Employee information ... (Free)By MC2 Consulting Services via

7) SINC - Employee Time Tracking

SINC - Employee Time Tracking employee time card
SINC is a multi-platform, employee management and time tracking solution designed specifically for small business.Free for small business' with less than 5 staff.How staff clock in for work hasnt changed much over the years and the data from employee timesheets has usually been lost in manual time cards.Harness the power of SINCs cloud based time clock and start gathering data from staff work time through our time card app and start making informed decisions today.FEATURES: Clean functional design makes time tracking easy for both employees andmanagement. Health and Safety functions help keep a direct line between staff and management. Ensure ... (Free)By Sinc Limited via

8) iAttend - Employee Time Track

iAttend - Employee Time Track employee time card
iAttend is the employee portal of the time and payment tracking system of AdminSys Inc. With this App, the employees could clock in or out by scanning the dynamic QR Code on the administrators phone or the printed QR code in the office; also, the employees could track the recent attendance report on the App and export the full attendance report to their emails. (Free)By AdminSys Inc via

9) Buddy Punch Employee Time Clock

Buddy Punch Employee Time Clock employee time card
This app is for use with a paid Buddy Punch account.Buddy Punch is an online time card system or punch clock for your employees. Having a business is hard enough, tracking your employees time should be easy. Simplify it with build in error handling, automatic OT calculations, GPS coordinates and an easy to use dashboard. (Free)By Buddy Punch LLC via

10) TimeDock - Employee Time Tracking

TimeDock - Employee Time Tracking employee time card
Turn your iPhone or iPad into a bar-code time clock for employee time tracking in the cloud.Employees present their bar-coded ID to the manager who scans the bar-code to start tracking their time.Staff can clock in from one job site, then out from another. All your devices work together with TimeDock`s cloud based time tracking cloud clock app.Scan bar-code ID cards to punch inView time-sheets online, with GPS optionUse many devices within your organisationDispatch jobs to individual devices to track time on the jobWorks offline until data connection availablePayroll integrations include (but not limited to) ... (Free)By TIMEDOCK via

11) Alinta Energy Employee Rewards Card

Alinta Energy Employee Rewards Card employee time card
The Alinta Energy Employee Rewards Card offers Alinta Energy employees discounted shopping from a vast array of major retailers, plus privileged access to restaurants, hotels, attractions and cosmetic, fashion and leisure services.At Alinta Energy our challenge is to make energy more affordable.The Alinta Energy Employee Rewards Card is only available to Alinta Energy Employees. (Free)By Club Lifestyle Pty Ltd via

12) Clocca

Clocca employee time card
Simply and easily track your employees` time with Clocca time clock software. Clocca offers an alternative to traditional punch clock systems and tedious paper time-card calculations with an easy-to-use application for your iPad or iPhone.Clocca features include:unlimited number of employee accountscustom reporting periods: days, weeks, months, bi-monthlyreal-time reportingexport/e-mail reports in csv format (compatible with Microsoft Excel)create time stamp automatically or manuallycontrol permissions with multiple employee typessynchronize employee accounts between devicesencrypted database keeps employee information securelow, one-time payment - no recurring feesTry Clocca Lite - free ($14.99)By Oruga Software Ltd. Liability Co. via

13) QR Check-in Anywhere

QR Check-in Anywhere employee time card
Employee Card Check-in, verify employees location, date and time entering a factory, this program will verify employee card by QR Code, update employee current position and send the information to server. (Free)By SMART TOUCH TECHNOLOGY PTE LTD via

14) Employee Time Controller - Working Hours

Employee Time Controller - Working Hours employee time card
Employee Time Controller - Working Hours is a simple app, designed to help you to keep an eye on every task performed by your subordinates.PLAN ONE STEP AHEAD- Tasks arrangement calendar;- Setting of timers and time monitoring for every task;- Allocation of tasks among employees;- Notifications on completed and overdue tasks.DETAILED STATISTIC- Total number of tasks assigned;- Statistic of successes and failures; - Total amount of elapsed time;- Info on every worker.EVERYTHING AT HAND- Additional windows with actual tasks...;- ...their timers and due dates...;- ...and assigned employees. Employee Time Controller - a job well planned is a job half done. (Free)By New Technologies, LLC. via

15) QR Card Verification

QR Card Verification employee time card
Employee Card Verification, verify employees from entering a factory, this program will verify employee card by QR Code, retrieve employee information and employee photo from server. showing the expiry date of work permit, passport, retirement and termination date. (Free)By SMART TOUCH TECHNOLOGY PTE LTD via

16) TimeTrack Enterprise - Time tracking for companies, employee time tracking, project time tracking

TimeTrack Enterprise - Time tracking for companies, employee time tracking, project time tracking employee time card
TimeTrack Enterprise is professional time tracking app for any company.TimeTrack Enterprise can only be used in connection with TimeTrack Enterprise Server. Please create online demo at our website.The concept of TimeTrack Enterprise:- Administrator is in office and uses web app to create users, clients, projects, task, assign rights etc.- Employees use mobile devices or web app to can clock in and out and track time for clients / projects / tasks or expenses- Real Time Synchronisation (projects are immediately visible on employees devices, and time tracked is immediately visible in back office for admin)Features:- native mobile app and web app ... (Free)By Ivan Stojkovic via

17) Time Travel Tracker: for recording freelance and hourly employee time and travel

Time Travel Tracker: for recording freelance and hourly employee time and travel employee time card
Time Travel Tracker (TTT) is a simple App for use when you are on the move and do not have access to a keyboard device. The TTT data may be Shared with a keyboard device where very specific calculations and formatting may be performed at the end of the reporting period. TTT is a simple recording App, not a financial App. Salary rates, overtime, travel, expense, can have some very specific calculating or formatting requirements.Time Management Analysis may be performed by using the Summary Report were the Task time periods are summarized by Client and Activities. This may help quickly ... (6.990)By Bob Wason via

18) What Time Do I Work.com Employee Schedule App

What Time Do I Work.com Employee Schedule App employee time card
The What Time Do I Work.com iPhone App provides the features and functionality of the desktop application for employees in the palm of your hand. The mobile App delivers an incredible user experience to current What Time Do I Work.com users, giving employees direct access to their work schedule on the go.Our scheduling software was developed from the conversations we had with business owners, managers and employees about the challenges they face in everyday work environments. It has been our mission to create a simple, flexible but realistic work scheduling solution that evolves with market demands.Ask if your company uses ... (Free)By MIMA Technologies via

19) Fishbowl Workforce - Time Clock Terminal and Employee Time Tracking

Fishbowl Workforce - Time Clock Terminal and Employee Time Tracking employee time card
Turn any iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch into a powerful time clock terminal and connect it to the 1 online time tracking solution.From the creators of Fishbowl Inventory comes Fishbowl Workforce; online time & attendance software redesigned for your modern business. As seen on Forbes ...Features that make your life easier:Time Clock- With a quick scan of a barcode or entry of a PIN code, your employees can to clock in and out in less than a second.- Mobile employees can clock in/out on the go (with your permission)- GPS location tagging- Off-line mode ensures that employees can keep clocking ... (Free)By Fishbowl Inventory via

20) ATOM 3.0

ATOM 3.0 employee time card
ATOM 3.0 is a precise and automatic method for tracking employee/ contractor labor hours using event data from the existing database. ATOM 3.0 is now configured with HID brand of attendance card readers, but can be integrated with any other brand of card reading systems. ATOM 3.0 provides managers with real-time reporting and historical views of employee and contractors attendance. Eliminate manual data entry, chasing down missing time cards or waiting for labor costs. (Free)By Innovative Turnaround Controls via




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