20 Best Headphone Bluetooth Adapter iOS Apps

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1) [email protected]

Q@Adapter headphone bluetooth adapter
QAdapteriPhoneiPad(QA) (Free)By HC Networks, Ltd. via

2) Adapter

Adapter headphone bluetooth adapter
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3) Headphone Trainer

Headphone Trainer headphone bluetooth adapter
50% 0ff Christmas Special DiscountLets improve the sound quality of your headphones/earphone in a simple wayOf cause the sound quality of your headphones/earphone will getting better and better as time goes by, but it will take about a year, or even several yearsDo you know, many headphones/earphones, when the time that they reach the best status, it is also the time to see them in the recycle bin for some reasons... outdated, broken, depreciated, new technology, etc... So, Why not have a training for your headphone/earphone and make it have the perfect sound all the time?This App is easy to ... ($1.99)By PurpleLamp via

4) Headphone Guard

Headphone Guard headphone bluetooth adapter
HeadphoneGuard can keep you notified while you lost in music or games with headphones, it can cancel environment noises and let those signals which you care about to get into your ears, such as alarm,alert,car horn,people`s shout,even conversation, announcement in a public place etc. the cut-off slider is for this purpose. It is very simple to use, turn it on,set up, then you are good to go.Based on multi-tasks feature in IOS4, HeadphoneGuard can work in the background, you can do anything else while it working, such as listening music, playing games etc.This APP requires cord headphones plugged in your ... ($0.99)By Hongwen Yang via

5) Wireless Adapter

Wireless Adapter headphone bluetooth adapter
The Wireless Adapter APP is designed for Wireless Adapter, which is a WiFi Adapter. Choose the Wireless Adapter network from your iPhone/iPad Wi-Fi settings and launch the app, you will easily access the media resource(such as videospicturesmusic and documents) stored on USB storage device which has connected to Wireless Adapter. Also you can upload photos and videos on local albums to Wireless Adapter.Key features:1.Support browsing videos, photos, music and documents.2.Support slideshow.3.Support download, upload, delete, rename, move to, make directory and so on.4.Support filter and sort the resource that store on USB storage device.5.Support management of download and upload.6.Support the setting ... (Free)By Fujian Star-net eVideo Information Systems Co.,Ltd. via

6) Headphone Jack

Headphone Jack headphone bluetooth adapter
Headphone Jack is an app that switches the volume for devices plugged into the "3.5-mm stereo headphone minijack". It allows for a "Headphone" type device and a "Speaker" type device. Each device can have their volume preset and will be adjusted on returning to the app. ($0.99)By Star Tail Productions via

7) Health Adapter

Health Adapter headphone bluetooth adapter
Ever seen yourself in a visual story where youre the hero, eliminating all opponents with amazing speed, becoming the first one to get across the finish line, and youre the symbol of success - the first, the best, and the strongest. Introducing - Spermo the superhero, the first to reach its target, fertilize the egg cell of success and become a human. It all started with SpermoRun away and dodge the pesky green slime to get to the egg and begin your adventureBut - life gives us new challenges. Its harder to stay on top than to reach it. Our ... ($0.99)By Dalibor Gishev via

8) Mercedes me Adapter

Mercedes me Adapter headphone bluetooth adapter
The app for the Mercedes me Adapter.Retrofit your vehicle with the Mercedes me Adapter and make use of the attractive functions of the Mercedes me Adapter AppNote: The Mercedes me Adapter is currently available only at selected Mercedes-Benz service partners.The app provides you with the following:List of your journeys: Automatically record the trips you drive on your smartphone and view current vehicle data such as the odometer reading and tank fill level. Maintenance management: The maintenance management function relieves you of having to plan maintenance work due. The impending requirement for maintenance is recognized and reported early on to the ... ()By Daimler AG via

9) Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility

Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility headphone bluetooth adapter
Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility The Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility is used to establish two-way wireless connections between Nikon digital SLR cameras and iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Pictures taken with the digital SLR camera can be downloaded to the iOS device, and the camera can be controlled remotely, with the iOS device displaying the view through the camera lens. The file sharing feature makes it easy to upload pictures to social networking sites or attach them to e-mail messages.•Overview The Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility (the app) is used in combination with Nikons wireless mobile adapter accessory to download pictures taken by ... (Free)By Nikon Corporation via

10) Scale Bluetooth Adapter Controller

Scale Bluetooth Adapter Controller headphone bluetooth adapter
This is a controller of Scale Bluetooth Adapter.This uses Bluetooth to connect the device to the Scale Bluetooth Adapter, thus allowing the user to use their device to clear the weight, and display weight data coming from iFork. (Free)By Encompass via

11) Tweco Back End Adapter Guide

Tweco Back End Adapter Guide headphone bluetooth adapter
Don`t own a Tweco welder but want to use Tweco components?Use this app to find the parts you needSelect your make and model of MIG welder to see the available Tweco adapter options.Also contact customer support from within the app, and see what`s new on the Tweco website. (Free)By Atmosphere Interactive LLC via

12) Midiflow Adapter for Audiobus 3

Midiflow Adapter for Audiobus 3 headphone bluetooth adapter
This MIDI app for Audiobus 3 allows you to include music apps, which don't support Audiobus MIDI but only Core MIDI. It creates permanent virtual MIDI ports for input and output. After distinctly selecting each of those ports in your "legacy" music apps, they can receive and send MIDI from/to Audiobus 3.+ Connect up to 10 receiving apps (like synthesizers)+ Connect up to 10 sending apps (like sequencers)+ Use multiple instances of this app in AudiobusNOTE: This app requires Audiobus 3. Insert it into one or more MIDI input and output ports. Furthermore, this adapter only works with apps that ... (1.990)By Johannes Doerr via

13) IOGEAR Bluetooth Serial Adapter Configuration Tool

IOGEAR Bluetooth Serial Adapter Configuration Tool headphone bluetooth adapter
Bluetooth serial adapter test tool. (Free)By IOGEAR, Inc. via

14) ZenkenSousin

ZenkenSousin headphone bluetooth adapter
This app enable to mail address and Contacts data transfer between Japanese mobile phone and iPhone/iPod touch via IR adapter (IrDA dongle unit to headphone jack).It is required an IR adapter (IR-30) for connect to Japanese mobile phones. (Free)By Arts Intelligence Inc. via

15) Bluetooth SMS HD -Send Free Bluetooth Message

Bluetooth SMS HD -Send Free Bluetooth Message headphone bluetooth adapter
Bluetooth SMS HD will allow you to send FREE bluetooth message from iPad to any other iPhones/iPod Touches/iPads nearby. While you are chatting, all the messages will be shown in the familiar "Message Bubbles". When you receive a message, you`ll hear a familiar sound(human voice). Really? What`s it? Don`t hesitate, just try it ($0.99)By Chilly Zhong via

16) LRCheck

LRCheck headphone bluetooth adapter
It is an application program that confirms the right and left of the headphone.The sound of feep becomes from a right headphone (The left is silent).The headphone (earphone) as which right and left shape is the sameIt is necessary to confirm the character printed in the headphone and to install it.If this application program is used, the right and left can be easily distinguished even if the headphone is not seen.When the headphone is not connected, the sound doesn`t become it.The warning display is done when the volume is small. (Free)By Kouichi INAFUKU via

17) Aqua: Bluetooth Low Energy Discovery Probe and Terminal for Bluetooth 4.0, BLE, BTLE & Bluetooth Smart

Aqua: Bluetooth Low Energy Discovery Probe and Terminal for Bluetooth 4.0, BLE, BTLE & Bluetooth Smart headphone bluetooth adapter
Welcome to Aqua, a Bluetooth Low Energy discovery probe and terminal (RXTX). This app is for BlueTooth Low Energy ONLY. Bluetooth Low Energy is also known as BTLE, BLE, BlueTooth 4.0, and Bluetooth Smart. It will NOT connect to or discover standard Bluetooth Devices.Features:- Receive Functions, HEX & ASCII- SEND Function- Advanced Services Discovery- Notify Function: HEX & ASCII- Services Mimic- Central & Peripheral Modes- Compatible all Apple devices released since the iPhone 4S in 2012Central Mode: Scans for peripherals within range. Tap to connect. Use Central Mode to explore available services on a specific chip.Peripheral Mode: Allows you to ... ($5.99)By MEA Mobile via

18) Jetson TPMS

Jetson TPMS headphone bluetooth adapter
The APP is working with Jetson Bluetooth Adapter, and can monitor thetires with Mobile Terminal, which is suitable for iPhone4s, iPad and next Apple products with IOS operating system.When the car is moving, the transmitter sends the data of pressure and temperature to Bluetooth Adapter, and the Adapter forwards the data to Mobile Terminal, then Mobile Terminal will alarm with sound, vibrating and notification when the tire is abnormal, and also display the detail of the tire.The APP can work in background to make sure the car safety. When the tire is abnormal and the driver has not seen or ... (Free)By Shenzhen Jetson Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd via

19) Arab MusicBOX

Arab MusicBOX headphone bluetooth adapter
(Free for limited time)ArabMusicBoxArabMusicBOX application is a music box that helps you launch Arab music radio channels easily while social networking.- Plays several Arab Music radio stations including- The app is now universal and also runs on iPad in native mode.- Ability to record any of the radio stations- Plays in the background (if your device supports multitasking)- Airplay is enabled: you can stream to your Apple TV or AirportExpress- If you have Bluetooth in your car or Bluetooth headphone, touch the Bluetooth icon next to the volume control to switch to the car/headphone Bluetooth- Simple user interface (Free)By Mohammad Jabbari via

20) RadioVietnam

RadioVietnam headphone bluetooth adapter
- Streams several Vietnamese radio stations- Locates the youTube video of the song that is playing (if there is one)- The app is now universal and also runs on iPad in native mode.- Ability to record any of the radio stations- Sleep timer- Plays in the background (if your device supports multitasking)- Airplay is enabled: you can stream to your Apple TV or AirportExpress- Shake to switch to a random station- If you have Bluetooth in your car or Bluetooth headphone, touch the Bluetooth icon next to the volume control to switch to the car/headphone Bluetooth (see screenshots below)- Simple ... (Free)By R Rezaiifar via




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