20 Best Seville Workbench iOS Apps

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1) Workbench

Workbench seville workbench
Workbench is an application which gives you the ability to use 2 different applications at the same time.Choose from the bottom menu 2 applications and add them to the left or right side of your view. (Free)By Irem Korkmaz via

2) Workbench

Workbench seville workbench
Speed up your web workflow with the workbench app. - Organise all your project web links and bookmarks into handy site groups called "Workspaces" - Launch them individually, or all at once with one click- Add new sites straight from Chrome, Firefox and Safari by dragging the site to the Workbench dock icon. - NEW If you press the plus sign and add a Google Tag Manager Debug Url - then you can attach it to an existing environment to speed up your debugging. - Create customisable menu short cuts for your webmail, calendar, and handy sites like Jira or ... (Free)By Grant Kemp via

3) Workbench Mobile

Workbench Mobile seville workbench
Workbench mobile allows you to speed up your workflow by: - Open up links from your desktop computer in a snap- Letting you share your project weburls between your devices securely and for free using iCloud. - Keeping a history of previous urls that have been sent to your phone. (Free)By Grant Kemp via

4) RM Workbench

RM Workbench seville workbench
The App is the one stop solution for all RMs of ICICI Bank. It automates the entire monitoring process and makes the day to day functioning easier ()By ICICI Bank Ltd via

5) ESO: Workbench

ESO: Workbench seville workbench
The ESO: Workbench app for iPhone and iPad is a portable tool that help you to do crafting on The Elder Scrolls Online game.FEATURES:- Alchemy: discover traits for all existing herbs.- Alchemy: brew potions based on wanted effects.- Enchanting: create glyphs based on wanted effects.- Clothing/Blacksmithing/Woodworking: track researched items.NOTE:This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by game`s developer, publisher, or distributor. All in-game content and imagery on the application are copyrighted by their respective owners. This guide is for informational purposes and meant to assist fans of The Elder Scrolls Online with game play. (Free)By Augmented Lab via

6) Monster Workbench

Monster Workbench seville workbench
Dungeons and Dragons D&D 5e Reference tool. Perfect for DM's and Players- Clean, quick, captivating interface with dozens of filter and search options.Monster Database by CR and Type with; stats, damage, to hit and descriptions.- Hundreds of custom made monsters from user submissions - Spell Compendium color coded and sorted by class and level.- Equipment and Inventory Database including; Weapons, Armor, Gear, Mounts, Toxins, Magic Items and more.- Character Classes, Races, Feats and Skills.This app contains only SRD content, and compliant with WoTC under the OGL guidelines.Due to this some monsters, spells and content is not there. (Free)By Abhay Mattson via

7) Platers WorkBench

Platers WorkBench seville workbench
Platers Workbench has been designed by platers to assist Surface Coaters, Metal Finishers, Platers and buyers of surface treatment services to help calculate the amount of metal that will be deposited on an article or to test parameters before production.The application covers the following metalsGold, Silver, Acid Copper, Cyanide Copper, Pyrophosphate Copper, Watts Nickel, Acid Zinc, Cyanide Zinc, Acid Tin, Chromium, Cadminum, Rhodium Sulphate, Sulpahte Zinc.Two modes are available,Thickness Mode: Set the target thickness and the standard plating parameters to obtain the target current and time required.Process Mode: Set the current and time to obtain the average thickness of the ... ($1.99)By Andrew Wilde via

8) AT&T WorkBench

AT&T WorkBench seville workbench
The AT&T WorkBench is a new capability of AT&Ts Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform (MEAP), delivering the power of enterprise applications to the iPhone. AT&T MEAP customers can now easily provision, deploy and control enterprise web applications on iPhones in secure, reliable and manageable fashion. Whether your enterprise is mobilizing applications like Oracle, collaboration tools, or a custom app, the AT&T WorkBench provides security features and keeps business applications and data separate from personal applications, making the iPhone the single mobile device of choice for both businesses and consumers.AT&T MEAP is more than just a powerful platform for building, deploying and ... (Free)By AT&T Inc. via

9) Setup Workbench

Setup Workbench seville workbench
Setup Workbench is designed primarily for Radio Control Drivers who want to learn how to setup their car for better lap times. Although it is gear towards Touring cars it can be used for any RC car or even full size cars as the principles are the same. ($14.99)By Martin Crisp via

10) Finance Workbench

Finance Workbench seville workbench
Finance Workbench for the iPhone provides you with an all encompassing solution to guage your net worth.Key features of the Finance Workbench Include:Compound Interest Calculator: Calculate the accumalated interest over time.EMI Calculator: Know how much you need to pay each month towards your loan.Internal Rate of Return (IRR): Measure and Compare the profitability of your investmentsBlack-Scholes Calculator: Figure out the value of a call or put option based on the scrip price, strike price, days to expiration, volatility and risk free interest rate.Standard Deviation Calculator: Calculate the dispersion from the average.Geometric Mean Calculator: Use ... (Free)By Cabot Technology Solutions Private Limited via

11) Creativity Workbench

Creativity Workbench seville workbench
Creativity Workbench is a new kind of application that helps you generate more creative ideas, faster & easier.How much is an idea worth to you? Buying this application will help you generate hundreds of new ideas.The workbench contains four different tools: associative thinking , systematic thinking, TRIZ & flow. Each tool will help you create new creative & innovative ideas.Associative - will let you play with associations and wander in the world of words, as you wander between related words new ideas will be created.Flow - create ideas faster than you can judge them, this deceptively simple tool can help ... ($4.99)By Intechrity LTD via

12) Setup Workbench HD

Setup Workbench HD seville workbench
This is the iPad version of the "Setup Workbench" app. Setup Workbench helps you better understand how to setup your RC Race car. All the principles discussed are based on chassis engineering applied to large race cars. In addition, it provides tools such as being able to store your race car setups, electronics setups, calculate FDR and Rollout and obtain news from the RC community. ($4.99)By Martin Crisp via

13) Nutrition Workbench Lite

Nutrition Workbench Lite seville workbench
Nutrition Workbench Lite is a tool that enables dietitians to quickly compare estimated patient/client calorie, protein and fluid needs.The assessment calculator uses three different calculations (Harris Benedict, DRI, and calories/kg) to estimate total energy expenditure.Only dietitians will understand the terminology used in the results page as well as be able to interpret the data provided.Nutrition Workbench Lite features:An assessment calculator with stress factors for specific disease states.Assessment results with estimated calorie needs using DRI, HBE and calories/kg -for quick comparison, BMI, % IBW, IBW, estimated protein needs, and estimated fluid needs.Ability to email results or to save to notepad for ... (Free)By Nutrition Workbench LLC via

14) Nutrition Workbench Pro

Nutrition Workbench Pro seville workbench
Nutrition Workbench Pro is a comprehensive nutrition resource tool for Registered Dietitians, nutrition students, or those working in the field of nutrition.With Nutrition Workbench Pro, you have the freedom to visit clients and patients anywhere and with immediate access to the tools and information needed to successfully assess and meet client needs.Nutrition Workbench Pro gives you the tools to do your job any time anywhere instantlyNutrition Workbench Pro features:An ADIME tool that allows users to create ADIME templates using International Dietetics & Nutrition TerminologyAn assessment calculator with stress factors for specific disease states as well as instant estimated calorie needs ... ($24.99)By Nutrition Workbench LLC via

15) Workbench for H1Z1

Workbench for H1Z1 seville workbench
If you`re looking for the fastest way to find the information you need to survive,this app is the perfect companion for you- Features:CraftingRecipesItemsWeapon StatsInteractive MapOptimized for iOS 8"Pull to Refresh" to always stay up-to-date without having to update the appIf you have any requests, suggestions and comments, please send via "Contact" in the app, write an E-Mail to supportsimnik.net or visit http://www.simnik.net/contact.Please leave a review in the AppStore if you like my work (Free)By Niklas Hein via

16) Feria de Abril

Feria de Abril seville workbench
Official Application from Seville City Council for Feria de Abril de Sevilla, financed by Delegacin de Fiestas Mayores y Turismo of Seville City Council (Free)By UEG Mobile via

17) Retail Workbench Mobile

Retail Workbench Mobile seville workbench
Mobile version of Retail Workbench for True Value store owners. For best use you need to be providing point of sale data. Setup this application for use using Retail Workbench on Members Online. View your stores key metrics. Scan an item and view store inventory, purchases and sales. View aggregated peer store key metrics. View mobile specific reports, planograms and the fiscal calendar. (Free)By True Value Company via

18) Service Workbench Menu & Inspection Toolkit

Service Workbench Menu & Inspection Toolkit seville workbench
The Service Workbench Menu & Inspection Toolkit (MIT) provides a suite of mobile customer and vehicle care tools for Service Consultants to greet customers at their vehicles and initiate the service write-up process. The Service Workbench MIT extends the Service Consultants workspace to the customers vehicle by enabling customer engagement, the ability to check customer and vehicle information and to save notes, observations and work recommendations remotely in the Service Workbench application for additional use in the service process. (Free)By General Motors Company via

19) Workbench CRM App

Workbench CRM App seville workbench
Workbench is a simple CRM for small to medium size businesses.Register for a Workbench Account at www.wkbench.com in order to use this apps features.-Complete integration with the 1 Door to Door app "iCanvass"-Makes tracking multiple salesman easier than ever-All pins are instantly sent to Workbench-Create Sales Teams with User manages permissionsSo managing your canvassing teams is now automatic and you now have all these LEADS right? This is where Workbench CRM really plays a big role.All "Leads" created from this app are sent to Workbench where you can:-upload documents for that specific file so you have access from anywhere-enter more ... (Free)By Epsilon Technologies via

20) Seville

Seville seville workbench
100% Offline (maps included), 3G or Roaming not needed.The most complete guide of Seville at the best price, with:Detailed information of the city of Seville.What to see in Seville?, Monuments, convents, monasteries, churches, city walls, palaces ... etc.Where to Eat, list of best restaurants in town, with all contact information and location.Where to sleep, a list of the best hotels and hostels in the city, with all contact information and location.Map "Around Me" to easily find the nearest points of interest. ($3.99)By Sensa Code via




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