20 Best Syrian Crisis iOS Apps

1) Syrian Tourism

Syrian Tourism syrian crisis
The most interesting touristic information about Syria, points of interest, types of tourism, photos, videos, Syrian cuisine, tourism attractions, life broadcasting, GPS locations of the tourism destination in Syria, whats around me? during your visit.Developer Name: Riyad Khalifeh (Free)By Osama Dukhan via

2) Syrian Radio

Syrian Radio syrian crisis
Syrian Radio can help you to listen to all live radio from Syria instantly Syrian Radio ( ) app especially made for you to listen to live all Syrian radio. We have collected With this app you can listen to all Syrian radio any time with your mobile phone. This is very light weight app which can help you to tune Syrian all news, music & entertainment live 24 hours.If you like or dislike this app, please let us know and give us your valuable suggestions to improve itOur collection list of Syrian Radio:> 7la FM> Al Aan FM> Al3ahd ... (Free)By Md Mahmudul Hasan via

3) Syrian Canada

Syrian Canada syrian crisis (Free)By Moeen Aqrabawi via

4) Crisis Command and Control

Crisis Command and Control syrian crisis
IAG Crisis App for supporting a team of business managers to remotely manage a business critical and crisis event. You will need an account on IAG Crisis system for this app to be of any use. IAG Crisis App has a full set of features required for Crisis Management, including:- Call Tree: sending notification to list of people- Declare Crisis: notifying crisis management team that crisis of a crisis- Checklists: a set of checklist for people responsible for executing their roles and responsibilities- Locate: to locate people who are not contactable- Duress alert: distress notification when in crisis- Communicate: crisis ... (Free)By INSURANCE AUSTRALIA GROUP LIMITED via

5) The Syrian Goddess

The Syrian Goddess syrian crisis
The Syrian Goddesstranslated by Herbert A. StrongLucian of Samosata`s account of Astarte worship in the late classical era, in what is now Turkey."Lucian of Samosata`s De Dea Syria, (the Syrian Goddess) is one of the most `notorious` classical writings. Not only does it acknowledge that at one time a paramount Goddess was worshipped in regions of the Ancient Near East, it goes into details of the practices of her devotees which later generations considered reprehensible. Nonetheless De Dea played an important role in the development of modern Neopaganism; Robert Graves cited it as one of the few actual accounts of ... ($3.99)By IndiaNIC, LLC via

6) Syrian Club IIT

Syrian Club IIT syrian crisis
Stay Connected The Syrian Club is a fun, welcoming, and active student organization at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). This App is designed to keep you in touch and up to date with the IIT Syrian Club by providing:-A schedule of upcoming events, which you can add to your calendar-A blog reader to check club members` latest posts-All the information you need to follow up and keep in touch with us (Free)By Jamal Kharrat via

7) Syrian News Paper

Syrian News Paper syrian crisis
This is a Syrian news portal app. By this app people able to read the newspaper from iPhone/ iPad easily. (Free)By Mosharf Hossain via

8) Learn Syrian Words

Learn Syrian Words syrian crisis
Learn Syrian words application provides all the useful words necessary to understand the language. You cant drive your car unless you have your license, you can`t speak Syrian if you don`t know what the words are. Learn Syrian words helps you to closes the gap between understanding the words and sentences, hence the language itself.Learn Syrian Words application features more than 400 day to day used words, once you get hang on to these words, someone talking behind your back can never happen again.It helps all the travelers, students, friends, and everyone who wishes to learn Syrian language.Knowing little bit ... ($1.99)By Truetech solutions via

9) Syrian Exchange Prices

Syrian Exchange Prices syrian crisis
Get latest update about exchange, gold, Syrian stocks, and Global prices. (Free)By Mouaz Nouri via

10) Syrian Arabic Travel Phrases

Syrian Arabic Travel Phrases syrian crisis
Syrian Arabic Travel Phrases400 TERMS AND PHRASESTeach yourself Syrian Arabic terms and phrases.SYRIAN ARABIC TRAVEL TERMS AND PHRASES including TEXT & AUDIO for each term or phrase (TOUCH THE PHRASE TO HEAR THE AUDIO).Easy to use FLASH CARD format - simplified format allows for easy learningFeatures 21 topics with 400 terms and phrases suitable for travellers or anyone interested in learning basic Syrian Arabic language.TOPICS covered include:-Short commands-Basic terms-Numbers-Days & times-Navigation terms-Locations-Colours-Sizes-Shapes-Tastes-Qualities-Quantities-Emergency terms-Food & drink-Hygiene terms-Medical terms -Human body terms-Directions & lodging-Occupations-Family & relatives-WeatherThis tutorial uses romanized text and language and does not include Syrian Arabic script. This tutorial focuses ... (2.990)By Marguerite Thoresen via

11) Onboard Syrian Arabic Dialect

Onboard Syrian Arabic Dialect syrian crisis
Onboard is the perfect solution for any traveller looking to get around fluently and with ease while on vacation. You can now start learning a language before you land in your holiday destination.Onboard is a free downloadable companion that will have you familiarized with your language of choice before you land. Learn the alphabet and pronunciation as well as useful phrases in 8 categories, such as greetings, basics, questions, traveling, emergencies, time and directions. Download, read and enjoy your vacation like never before.Learn a language before you land- Easy to follow; perfect for beginners- Essential words and phrases to help ... (Free)By Eton Institute via

12) Learn Arabic Syrian Dialect

Learn Arabic Syrian Dialect syrian crisis
Learn Arabic Syrian Dialect application (slang) is intended to teach Syrian dialect in easy and fun way. It helps travelers,friends, colleagues etc to communicate no matter what situation you are in. If you are in the shops, markets, train station, resturants, or in unknown place, finding your way around and talking to local is easy and efficient.This application includes sentences depending on gender basis, which (talking to male, talking to female, male talking to others, and female talking to others) makes speaking and learning Syrian dialect easy and efficient.Future updates to this application will include more words, more sentences, and ... ($1.99)By Truetech solutions via

13) Syrian Catholic Church - Australia

Syrian Catholic Church - Australia syrian crisis
We are the Syriac Catholic church associated, and in total communion with the oriental branch of the Roman Catholic Church. We have preserved the eastern spirituality as it has been taught by the apostles and lived by the Church in Antioch, conserved in the teaching of the Holy fathers and saints.The Liturgy is mainly in English and Arabic, translated from Syriac, the language our Lord spoke during his life on earth. But Syriac known between people as Aramaic still conserved in parts of all the liturgical ceremonies and celebration, in the original form used by the apostles and words pronounced ... (Free)By Proitzen via

14) Syrian War News - Riversip

Syrian War News - Riversip syrian crisis
Don`t miss any news item on the Syrian war There is a lot of news coming from Syria, and this app is going to help you by highlighting the most important news stories.Dozens of news websites and videos are covered, all are sorted by their importance to the readers.Features:News feed sorted by news importance The app also groups all the coverage of the same story together, and with a long tap you can see them all.Syrian war related videos, curated from Youtube news channels.Push notifications for prominent war related eventsMake it your own - by selecting ... (Free)By Briox Ltd. via

15) Syria Exchange

Syria Exchange syrian crisis
Syria Exchange provides latest updates from the Syrian Market, Stocks, and Currency. It provides the latest update of the Syrian Pound in the local Syrian Market. (Free)By abdu Arbach via

16) المطبخ السوري - Syrian Signature Dishes

المطبخ السوري - Syrian Signature Dishes syrian crisis
.40 :. ($0.99)By Qordoba via

17) Syria War Updates

Syria War Updates syrian crisis
Get to know the latest in the Syrian War with this app. It includes updated news, videos and photos and other related information to keep you informed with the Syrian War. ($1.99)By Thomas Woodfin via

18) Syrian Arabic Dialect Phrasebook - Eton Institute

Syrian Arabic Dialect Phrasebook - Eton Institute syrian crisis
Marhaba Welcome to our Syrian Arabic phrasebook. Take your first step with us in discovering the language of the land known as the `cradle of civilization`.Learn Syrian Arabic in easy and simple ways that will help you converse in every day practical situations. The app is a hands-on tool that teaches language phrases and basic sentences. We also provide a compact dictionary for reference and audio pronunciations by a native speaker to help you learn quickly.This app provides you an enjoyable learning process. Download the Syrian Arabic phrasebook and speak the language instantlyWhat you get:Over 1000 essential words and phrasesLearn ... (Free)By Eton Institute via

19) Crisis Management Toolkit

Crisis Management Toolkit syrian crisis
Our crisis management application provides company executives and in-house counsel with critical information for use in reacting to potential crises. The app includes succinct checklists broken down by crisis type, a toll-free hotline to our crisis management legal team and the ability to build your own Crisis Management Team contact list. (Free)By Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP via

20) Ud Tuner - Free Oud Tuner - Ud Akort Aracı

Ud Tuner - Free Oud Tuner - Ud Akort Aracı syrian crisis
A simple, easy to use and accurate Oud tuner.Turkish, Greek, Armenian, Arabic, Iranian oud tunings are available.Offers different orders: - Turkish Classical C - F - B - E - A - D - Turkish Classical base E : E - F - B - E - A - D - Turkish Classical base B : B - F - B - E - A - D - Old Turkish E - A - B - E - A - D - Turkish V D - A - B - E - A - D - Turkish VI D - ... (Free)By Emre Turgay via




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