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Automatic Fractal Map Generator 1.2Misc Graphics by Paolo Guagliumi - Software Free Download

  The program generates and manages .map files. Fractal programs such as Winfract and Fractint make use of .map files which contain 256 lines of ASCII characters which describe RGB (red,green,blue) color values. While such .map files can be generated with any text editor, doing so can be very tedious. This program provides a much quicker and more convenient means of generating and/or modifying .map files, utilizing a GUI interface. ..

Dbackup 2.1 by Gianpaolo Perego- Software Download

  A program that makes easier and faster your data backup. The files that are to be included in the backup are selected by their type, not by their name. Therefore all the unnecessary files are skipped and, furthermore, the backup automatically supports new files ..

Ten Clipboards 1.11 by Ansis Ataols Berzinsh- Software Download

  You can use ten independent clipboards at the same time. Switching by mouse, keys, hot-keys. Supports all Windows95/98 and Windows NT 4.0 clipboard formats. Powerfull copy and paste enhancements - text-adding, MultiPaste, MultiCopy, copy Undo. Friendly interface, many ..


DosClip 3.0 by Ansis Ataols Berzinsh- Software Download

  A resident program that allows to Windows users copy to andpaste from Windows clipboard in all full-screen SVGA text video modes. It allows also to paste and copy if computer is started in MS-DOS ..

Profile Artist for AOL 1.1Miscellaneous by BPS SoftWare - Software Free Download

  Profile Artist is an easy-to-use America Online Profile enhancement program. With Profile Artist, You Can: Change the background color, font color or font style and size in your AOL profile, align the text the way you want it, add symbols or insert custom links, choose unique headings for your profile, such as Favorite Sports, Favorite Movies, Friends, Websites and more! Or, if you prefer, use the AOL default headings such as, Name, City, Marital Status, Location, etc. Start from scratch or use one of the many templates included. ..

Flatland Rover for AOL 0.9.2Browser Plug-ins by Flatland Online Ic. - Software Free Download

  Rover is an application extension for popular Web browsers that displays 3D environments written in 3DML (Three Dimensional Markup Language). 3DML requires no previous experience with 3D modeling or programming, and is as easy to learn as HTML! 3DML uses a basic building block metaphor that enables users to create 3D spaces (called *spots*) by arranging ready made blocks into complete environments. These environments are fully navigable and fully customizable, incorporating images, sound, text, animation, and hyperlinks. Rover has many features including an easy user interface, hi-color display, and support for common Web graphics and audio formats such as GIF, GIF animation and ..

WAOL-min America Online Timer 4.00Dial-up & Connectivity by Michael Krane - Software Free Download

  Launches, dials, and times dial-up connections with the America Online service in Win95. Tons of ..

Jimmy 1.0Browsing Tools by Enzo Pietropaolo - Software Free Download

  This simple internet application make you jump from a site to another. Featuring Favorites, 4 different categories and nine jump pads that you can ..

The ReallyGood AOL Timer & Connectivity by The ReallyGood Software Company - Software Free Download

  The ReallyGood Internet Timer will record the amount of time you spend on the internet for multiple users and multiple service providers. It can generate reports and includes an IP posting feature and atomic clock ..

PowerTools Pro for AOL

 PowerTools Professional, the number one add-on for America Online since 1994, enhances all your favorite AOL features, gives you the power to customize AOL, and adds many time-saving features not found in the basic AOL program! Find out why thousands of people are using PowerTools, and discover just how much better your AOL time can be, with: - Fully customizable AOL toolbar and additional menus. - PowerIM to hold all of your Instant Messages in one window! - Answering Machine and Log Manager for your Instant Messages. - Advanced Address Book to manage all your contacts. - Powerful Custom Editor for form letters, email templates and macros. - Built-in MP3 Player with WAV, MIDI, and CD-ROM support. - PowerChat window, Logs and Room Managers to enhance your online chats. - Rainbow Chat and other special Color Effects for more chat room fun! - Wallpaper and Color Themes to customize your AOL desktop. - ... and much more! ..

AOL Timer Killer 1.0Browsing Tools by Chris Pelphrey - Software Free Download

  This program automatically clicks those annoying " been idle a while" and " been online X number of minutes do you want to stay online?" Keeping you on AOL. ..

Blackbox for AOL 5.0 by cablehead- Software Download

  A stealth monitoring application for America Online. Blackbox is not a key logger. It lets you capture both sides of all conversations, chats, and instant messages; intercept all e-mail (sent and received) messages; and record all visited URLs (w/page title)...capture passwords not stored internally. Unlimited keywords. The program runs automatically at Windows Startup, invisibly in the background, and features a password-protected data console. ..

MDBPassw 20001018 by Paolo Venturi- Software Download

  Get, set and clear "file level password" for .mdb files made with Access 95 or 97. ..

Personal Editor 32 1.2.02 by Paolo Chiartano- Software Download

 Personal Editor 32 features:. Sort all file lines using different comparisons.. Edit and save ascii files compressed in a zip archive.. Import commands from external files to your macro profile.. Macro synonyms to easily remember your preferred commands.. Open files using wildcard characters.. Save, Load and Run macro keystrokes.. Menu to execute all PE32 commands and instructions.. Create a file with all occurrences of a string.. Calc command to evaluate expressions.. Command line and status line user settings.. Open up to 256 files in the same working session.. Search and Replace on all opened files.. Bookmark management: set, goto and remove commands.. Word wrap management.. Visual Basic Script commands and files execution inside PE32.. Get and set PE32 attributes from Visual Basic Script commands.. Encryption/Decryption password for each file.. Cursor moves to the last position on already opened files.. Configurable date and time instructions.. Autocomplete for all colored keywords.. Keywords files with all C++, MFC and API functions or HTML tags.. Configurable context help on the current word.. Instructions to divide the screen in multiple views.. Instructions to open files in view mode (read only).. Instructions to reformat lines into margins.. Commands history, last used files and dir dialogs.. Full 32 bit program, Windows 9x, NT, 2000 and XP compatible.. Fat, Fat32, NTFS and long files name compatible.. Console interface with unlimited lines and columns. Mouse management.. The size of the file to edit is limited only by the amount of memory Windows can allocate.. Regular expression search and substitution.. Many block operations: line marking, block marking, and stream marking.. Clipboard and internal buffer copy/paste operation.. Profile configuration file and keyboard macros available.. Overstrike and insert typing mode.. Configurable syntax coloring (for example C++ and HTML).. Programs execution without leave the editor.. History on command line.. Send e-mail from the editor. ..

DosVer 2.50 by Ansis Ataols Berzins- Software Download

  DosVer is a small resident program for DOS which allows to set DOS version number directly or automatical control requested DOS version. So, with DosVer you can use programs with identical names that need different DOS versions, at the same time. You can load and reconfigure DosVer *on the fly*. The user is surely familiar with the message *Incorrect DOS version* displayed on the screen. DosVer is a handy way to overcome this problem. It*s very important for Windows 95/98 users, because many old DOS programs don*t want to run under DOS ..

Bremze 5.01 by Ansis Ataols Berzinsh- Software Download

  BREMZE (Latvian for *brake*) slows down PC performance by controlling the speed of execution of programs. This feature can be useful when running old processor-dependent programs on new PCs, particularly to decrease the speed of games for *better results*, or when wishing to gain a better understanding of the sequences and functioning of programs, etc. Big diapason of braking coefficients (enough to fastest PCs), braking level control and switch on/off by hot-keys, control output troug h PC speeker. Full command line control. Slows down DOS and Windows 3x/9x. Versions for both interrupts is available - 08h and ..

DaoLib 2.0 by Gabriel Kniznik- Software Download

  Provides a communication layer between user interface elements and underlying database objects. It consists of a complete COM proxy wrapper, a set of DAO/GUI classes and a list control dialog component. The Visual C++ developer can take advantage of its simple interface for building dialog-intensive and property sheet-intensive database applications, without the burden and overhead of the MFC DAO implementation. In addition, it providesautomatic recordset listing with sorting facilities and complete printing ..

Daolnwod Software Submitter

 A free, small and intelligent software to aid developers to easily submit their programs to software distribution sites across the Internet. ..

QuickIM Mobile Instant Messenger for MSN / AOL

 QuickIM instant messenger software allows you to connect to public MSN networks and chat with friends from anywhere you are. QuickIM comes with many advanced features, and best of all, all your chat messages are directly sent to MSN without gateways! ..


 Spytech SpyAOL is the award winning monitoring tool that allows you to record what users do while they are using America Online. SpyAOL secretly records all AOL activities - unknown to the users of your PC. ..