OneWorldStoreFront version 1.06.4

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Commercial / $
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Internet / Miscellaneous
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OneWorldNet.Com Inc / N/A
Size / Last Updated:
11.07 MB / 2008-02-13
TAG: system, ecommerce, product, oneworldstorefront, ,

Operating System:
WinXP,  WinNT 4.x,  Windows2000,  Windows2003
Publisher's description - OneWorldStoreFront 1.06.4
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  OneWorldStoreFront is a very robust ecommerce package. Nothing was sacrified in the design of this ecommerce platform. Very flexible and expandable, it is the perfect solution to large or small business needs. With a very easy migration path it is considered to the one of the best ecommerce packages designed today. From our automated image resizing system to our inventory control mechanism, this is without a doubt one of the leaders in our industry. Some great features include; unlimited products, categorization and SKU system which easily migrates into any accounting package, a flexible system to inagrate into your existing web system and an indepth product explanation so your clients can easily find the information on each product giving them the knowledge they need prior to making their purchase. The end result of our ecommerce solution allows your sales people more time taking sales orders than explaining the product information to your clients. You can start processing transactions online as soon as your store is up and running. Integrated PayPal and credit card support allows you to sell your products immediately!

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OneWorld StoreFront
OneWorldStoreFront 1.06.4
OneWorldStoreFront 1.06.1
OneWorldStoreFront 1.06.4

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