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Code 39 OCX 2.04 by Softek Software Ltd- Software Download

  Code 39 controls provide the complete toolkit for type 39 barcode. The Code39 OCX reads type 39 barcodes from image files and bitmaps. TIF (single and multi page), BMP and JPEG formats are supported. Noise reduction enables the control to read barcodes from poor quality images. The Code39Draw OCX is free and can be embedded as an object to render type 39 bar codes. ..

BinaryWork CRC32 OCX 3.0.0 by BinaryWork Corp.- Software Download

  ActiveX OCX to make a fast CRC32 ( ciclyc redundance check ) in string or files , this CRC check is a byte by byte verification of the string or file , if only one byte changes in the whole string or file then a different CRC will be returned , it will ensure the integrity of files or data after being transferred between network share paths or mapped ..

SafeSerial OCX 2.3.9 by Sikander Soft- Software Download

  Add complete copy protection to your products with only a few clicks! SafeSerial is an ActiveX control which you can use in Delphi, Visual Basic, VC, VFP or any other OCX-compatible platform to implement copy protection to your programs in minutes. It includes remote licensing capabilities via key codes. You can create time/ runs limited licenses, demos, etc. ..


BinaryWork Media OCX 1.5.1 by BinaryWork Corp.- Software Download

  ActiveX OCX to play any media file , and it include wav , avi , mid , and depending on the drivers and codecs installed it can play mp3 , mov , mpg , asx and others mediafiles , and it include also extended MCI capabilities , compatible with Win95/98/NT4.0/Windows 2000 , internal volume control , ability to change the playback speed , VB5 and VB6 versions are availableWhat is new in the version 1.5.1 : ( 31/01/2001 ) Added ability to retrieve the handle of the MCI window , fixed a bug involving the playback of the new microsoft media format (wma and wmv files , the sample project and documentation will teach how to play the new format) , added function to show and hide the mouse during the playback in fullscreen mode ( it was a bug in the old sample project ) , added function to free the resources allocated by the control , added more options in the sample project to play movie files in fullscreen mode , minor bugs fixed. ..

BinaryWork MP3 OCX 2.1.0 by BinaryWork Corp.- Software Download

  ActiveX OCX to play , encode and retrieve information about MP3 files , with VBR support ( Variable Bit Rate MP3 Files ) , compatible with Win95 / Win95(OSR2) / Win98 / Winnt 4.0 / Windows 2000 , complete support to multiples soundcards , ability to convert mp3 to wav and wav to mp3 , ability to control the playback in multiples sound cards , ability to show the MP3 output level in a progressbar , and other extended capabilities , VB5 and VB6 versions are availableWhat is new in the version 2.1.0 : 27/01/2001 : Added the ability to convert wav in MP3 , fixed a bug when playing some VBR files , fixed the VU meter bug , fixed minor bugs , more functions will be added until the final version ..

BW Zip Compress OCX 3.0.98 by BinaryWork Corp.- Software Download

  ActiveX OCX to create, update, modify, test, list and extract normal and encrypted Zip files, compatible with Win95/WinNT4.0/Win98/Win98SE/Windows 2000, compatible with UNC paths, full support to password protected Windows Networks , ability to change the CPU priority of the compression or decompression, ability to pause and resume the compression and with a lot of extended capabilities. What is new in version 3.0.98 - (11/12/2000) - Fixed bug in the control that will keep some opened handles in the memory until the termination of the control ( fixed in this version , highly recommended the upgrade to the 3.0.98 ) , added also a new method to test the integrity of Zip files during the compression or decompression , minor bugs fixed. ..

WSWServer ocx 1.2.0 by Windersoft- Software Download

  WSWServer is a 32 bit ActiveX/OCX control for use with any development environment that can host ActiveX controls.WSWServer allows application developers to easily add a custom web server to their applications. This control encapsulates all client browser communication details for the HTTP 1.0 web protocol, and is easy to use with only a few properties, methods and events. ..

A-Soft SysOCX Control 1.4.4 by A-Soft Technologies- Software Download

  A-Soft SysOCX is a control which provides easy access to in-depth windows functions within one code line. It provides more than 75 properties filled with information about drives, files or system settings. It also provides methods for common things like using the taskbar tray, converting variables or reboots. It provides direct access to other tasks and applications currently running. And more, more, more...Here is a small extract about the basic capabilities of the control: System energy settings Checking for the presence/ start/ end of other applications through simple events Everything about the drives installed on the computer. From free space through file system type and cluster-size to specific compression info Exiting, logging off or rebooting windows Extended file information, like Windows or 32Bit testing, type detection or icon extraction some functions for variables anything about system memory and memory usage Network functions like dialogs to connect/ disconnect printers/ drives Easily display the standard system-settings dialogs and other system settings Make full use of the taskbar tray by just calling one method Get full information about tasks currently running on the system and even terminate them (Attention: termination of system tasks like Kernel32 leads to Windows crashes) Get version information about things like Windows and the CPU much, much more... For 32Bit design environments that support OCX controls like Visual Basic, Delphi or VC++ ..

DUN OCX 1.1.0 by Simon Kewin- Software Download

  DUN.OCX is an ActiveX control that provides Dial-Up Networking (or as you might call it RAS) functionality. It provides a simple means of giving applications you develop control over examining, dialling and dropping dial-up (ie. typically internet) connections. ..

Lcocx 1.00 by L.C. Enterprises- Software Download

  Why pay hundreds of $$$, and have the hassle of having 6 or more ActiveX controls in your program, when you can have ONLY 1 to perform all of the tasks for FREE!!! The OCX is only 72 KB, and only 26 KB compressed, so it*s excellent for distributing it with your applications. Also included are Sample Files for ALL of the functions. If you need help you will receive full support via Email. More functions will be added in a near future. Learn how to do all this functions yourself without OCXs! Buy the source for only $30. Note: This OCX requires the Microsoft Winsock Control (Mswinsck.ocx) provided with Visual Basic. This OCX has not yet been tested with VB6, or other developing ..

SafeSerial OCX 2.3.9 by David Ballestrino- Software Download

  The ultimate copy protection solution for developers. SafeSerial is an ActiveX control that prevents piracy of your software and adds remote license management to your applications; you can use it to protect your Visual Basic, Delphi, VC++, etc. projects in a matter of ..

Roboprint for VB6 5.4 by Robocx- Software Download

  RoboPrint is the only Control that provides fully automatic Preview and Print, for Visual and Basic Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 Applications , code is not needed. The following controls are printed by RoboPrint: DBGrid DataGrid MsFlexGrid MSHFlexGrid vsFlexGrid RichTextBox TextBox Label MaskEdBox ComboBox.Text ListBox ListView Shape LineCheckBox OptionButton MSChart Pictures of PictureBox and Image. RoboPrint prints the entire contents of the Expanding Controls: DBGrid DataGrid MSFlexGrid MSHFlexGrid vsFlexGrid ListView RichTextBox and Multiline TextBox in Multipages feature if needed. ..

VB OCX Tools 1.5 by M.A.N Systems Corp.- Software Download

  File Control, WEB Tools Control, String Control, EncryptionControl, GButton Control, SnapScreen Control all rool in to one ..

Maquisistem LNF Zip Compress OCX 2.2.0 by Maquisistem Ltda- Software Download

  ActiveX - OCX to create update and extract Zip files, the files generateds are 100 percent compatibles with pkzip 2.04g, pkzip 2.50 and Winzip , and with support to win95 longfilenames and long directories ..

Nantronix DB Connect OCX 2.0 by Nantronix- Software Download

  This tool provides you with the ability to obtain a connection string to any ODBC compliant datasource or any SQL Server or Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB database. When invoked, this OCX will display a Datasource Properties dialog box that will gather information from the user about the database that they want to connect to, then the OCX will pass back an ADO compliant connection string to your application. Only one line of code provides you with a valid verified connection string! ..

FTX Com Port 32 OCX control 1.5 by Future Technologies- Software Download

  A powerful OCX control for serial communications. Features multithreading, 4 com ports and up to 256000 bps (ideal for ISDN adapters). Very easy to use. ..

FTXCheckGadget OCX control 1.5 by Future Technologies- Software Download

  Multi-style checkbox gadget control for Visual Basic, VC++, Delphi, etc. A four controls in just one package featuring: a Chiseled style checkbox (like Borland ObjectWindows); a Square led style checkbox with customizable lit and unlit colors; a Round Led style checkbox with customizable lit and unlit colors; and finally, a green/red bitmapped style checkbox (like those seen with Borland VCL pushbuttons). ..

FTXEvalEdit OCX control 1.5 by Future Technologies- Software Download

  A powerful expression evaluating control featuring: unbelievable evaluation speed (entirely made in C), Support for almost all standard math functions, such as sin, cos, atan, pi, radtodeg, degtorad, tan, acos, mod, etc., Support for string functions like instr, mid, etc., Support for Pascal-like bitwise operators and shift (Example: (2 shl 4) or (4 shl 8) - (1 or 2) and not 4 etc. - Support boolean operators like ((1>2) = FALSE)) Can also behave like a normal edit control. A must for scientific programmes ..

ACD.OCX 1.1 by Dialog Medien GmbH- Software Download

  Audio CD track grabber. 1:1 copy of an audio CD track into a wave file. Work with many CD ROM drives. Easy to use in Visual Basic ( VB ) and other. ..

Nantronix Resizer OCX 3.0 by Nantronix- Software Download

  This resizer control is flexible and easy to use. Add it to your Visual Basic forms, and you can completely customize how your controls are resized and repositioned with no code required. Support proporional resizing/repositioning or static resizing/repositioning. Also optionally restricts a forms minimum and maximum size without the flicker effect. ..